Welcome to Coworking: Behind Workshop’s Thoughtful Process

Since coworking is all about community building, we wanted to take a closer look at how spaces welcome new members. So I took a little trip to Workshop, a new space in Chicago, and caught up with its co-founder and fellow coworker, Ben Skoda.

Amongst the majestic views the space offers and while soaking up some of the healthy sunshine beaming through the windows, we talked about the importance of being thoughtful.

Workshop is modern space with a handmade theme. Their mission is to “foster connections, utilizing a skilled, thoughtful, & creative community intended to help each other work and live better — for the common good.” A place like that has to work to make new members feel like part of the community, right?

Many of the things we give our members are aimed at giving a feel of what you can accomplish from our space

Ben explained the thought behind the clever goods members are given when they join, “The goal of the welcome process is to show we put thought into our space. We use Desktime to manage the space and it’s simple, quick and seamless to create new members, but there’s something special about being handed something – being given something.”

He continued, “Many of the things we give our members are aimed at giving a feel of what you can accomplish from our space. We tried to come up with clever pieces of branding that fuel the imagination on what you can come to expect and create here.”

To give me a proper welcome, Ben made me an honorary member and went through the process of becoming a Worker at Workshop.

Have yourself a scroll below and check it out.

Workshop Chicago

Each new member receives a welcome bag full of Workshop swag. The bags are stamped, branded and filled with a bit of Halfwit Coffee, a Field Notes notebook, button, time card, screenprint, a playful tutorial on coworking etiquette, and an awesome red square pencil.

And then you get your mugshot taken with an instant camera.

Workshop Chicago

While you wait for that photo to develop, why not join the newsletter in an old-school-fancy way?

Workshop Chicago

Hang your clipboard on the member wall, set up some business cards and you’re officially official. Now, all you gotta do is stop staring out the windows and get to work.

Oh, and at some point you’ll actually have to pay. Because ya know, nothing is free. Workshop Community Membership starts at a very sensible rate of $225 a month and also offers a variety of flexible Punch Card options. Dive over to their Desktime Directory listing for more details.

Do you have a warm and thoughtful way of making members feel welcome? Reach out and share johnny@desktimeapp.com