Virtual Help for Coworking, Small & Remote Teams: Ruby Receptionist

Any small business knows that the first contact with a potential customer matters. Heck, every business knows that. Even in this digital world a critical point of contact (with a customer, a client, a potential partner) is still a phone call.

Any small business or startup knows that bottom lines matter too. A high-quality, full-time receptionist is an investment, one you might not be ready to make if your phone isn’t ringing off the hook. An office manager might work too, but if they’re managing the office, they might not be at the phone all the time. Ask your team to answer a phone means knowing there’s an interruption whenever someone calls. Is that ever a good idea?

And, if we’re really talking about the modern company, what if you work out of a coworking space or have a remote or distributed team? Who’s answering the phones then? And where, exactly, is the phone?

Ruby Receptionists

Enter the virtual receptionist or remote answering service: an honest-to-goodness live human being, and often very charming to boot, on the line representing your company and doing a damn good job at it.

The folks at One Design Company recently moved the phone line from the creative team doing haphazard receptionist work to utilizing Ruby Receptionist. This Oregon based company rocks. Founded in 2003, they are consistently named one of the best small businesses to work for. They treat their receptionists right and their receptionists treat you & your clients right.

Ruby Perks:

  • vetted professionals who are beyond pleasant to talk to and learn about your company
  • a quieter office and a more focused team
  • a ruthless first line of defense to filter out time-wasting calls
  • a wonderful first point of contact
  • someone to deftly route and place calls, take and deliver messages
  • pick the plan that makes sense based on the number of minutes you’ll need
  • designated phone numbers for your team members (a great option for your distributed team and/or to not have your cell phone be your primary point of contact)
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • awesome hold music (and you can choose what awesome means to you!)
  • a smart blog, The Watercooler, full of thoughts on how to best serve clients (these guys serve clients of clients. It’s meta, they get it)

If it’s something you’ve been considering, give it a shot using this referral and you’ll get the standard 14 days free AND a waived set up fee.