Seven Years and Five Years and Counting

coop1 copy

Hey there friends.

That up there? It’s the lead-in to the first flyer we made advertising The Coop, Chicago’s first dedicated coworking space, which opened over seven years ago. It’s crazy to think that Desktime was born five years ago out of our work owning and operating The Coop.

So much has changed since we offered those eight desks in Fulton Market. The Coop is now NextSpace River North and continues to thrive. There are now thousands of coworking spaces all over the world, with new ones opening weekly. Companies large and small are finding smarter creative ways to use and share their office space. Individuals and teams are finding better ways to connect and work.

We’re thrilled Desktime remains one of the best tools out there for people to find an awesome shared place to work anywhere in the world and is also used by spaces all over the country to help manage the day to days of running a coworking space.

We’ve been at the forefront of shared workspaces since day one and, seven (or five) years in, we’re more excited than ever about where things are headed. We’ve got some exciting things to share with you in the coming months. For Desktime, seven years in is still only the beginning and we’re thrilled to share this adventure with you.

Best, Sam
Co-founder of Desktime coop2 copy