Mosey on over to the Deskpass Blog

We’re a couple months in to launching Desktime’s new app Deskpass. We are thrilled to now offer access to 30 coworking spaces around Chicagoland and know that there are happy coworkers finding .

Deskpass Blog

We’ve also launched a Deskpass blog.

There, you can learn about the spaces on Deskpass, individuals working via Deskpass and get tips and tricks on working remotely or out of a coworking space.

Desktime will continue to provide the best space management tool out there and a massive, global directory of coworking spaces. We’ll continue to use this space to update you on new features and services available with Desktime.

And with Deskpass, we want to be the best resource for people looking for flexible ways to work. That means creating interesting, original content about the way more and more of us are working, today and tomorrow.

So mosey on over and check out the new blog!