Desktime now supports multiple currencies

Our space management software is now available in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

What does this mean for you and managing your space?
The same great software helping spaces across the US automate the routine tasks of renting a space from booking, scheduling and resource and member management and history to billing, payment tracking and processing now supports a host of international currencies.

What does it mean for finding suitable renters?
As always interested renters will also now be able to request a booking right through your Desktime Directory listing.

But now, when your space manager reviews the request they can either send the person an invitation and accept a credit card payment immediately from or respond to the request to find out more to make sure they’d be a good fit for your space, all without leaving the app.

Finding and managing your members is about more than bookings. Desktime works to better connect the community you’re building by facilitating easy communication with members and helping your members meet their fellow coworkers.

How much does it cost to use Desktime?
We only make money if you make money. You would only see fees from Desktime when you use the software to process payments. We work with Stripe, so you would pay Stripe’s processing fees and Desktime’s fee of 2.5%. It’s a super economical way to manage your space.

Ready to get started?
If you are already listed in Desktime’s Directory, just go to your Space Settings, select Payment Gateway from the menu on the right and click the Connect with Stripe button.

If you’re not yet listed, just add your space and make sure to connect to Stripe. Then email us at to schedule a demo so we can get you set up.