Coworking’s Annual Awesome: 5 Reasons We’re Going to GCUC

The largest coworking conference on the globe (maybe in the universe) is just around the corner. GCUC (The Global Coworking Unconference Conference) will take place in Kansas City, Missouri from May 1-3.

Desktime is a proud sponsor of GCUC and we’re excited to be hosting a panel talk on Technology & Coworking.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons we think you should go to GCUC

  1. Get connected with the coworking community. Whether you are considering opening a new space, just starting out, or have been around for a while folks in our industry are very open and happy to share. Enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community.

    enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community

  2. GCUC is a great place to take a look at all the great vendors focused on coworking. Get a demo from your pals at Desktime, meet furniture manufacturers, IT folks, and other great products and services just focused on the needs (and wants) of coworking spaces and workers.

  3. See our friends at DeskMag and learn more results from the latest Global Coworking Survey.

  4. This year? It’s in a Airplane Hangar! With real life airplanes!

  5. Kansas City is the Paris of the Plains, home of its own magic blend of BBQ goodness, and regularly called the next great cocktail city. Here are even more reasons Kansas City makes GCUC sense.