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We’re a couple months in to launching Desktime’s new app Deskpass. We are thrilled to now offer access to 30 coworking spaces around Chicagoland and know that there are happy coworkers finding .

Deskpass Blog

We’ve also launched a Deskpass blog.

There, you can learn about the spaces on Deskpass, individuals working via Deskpass and get tips and tricks on working remotely or out of a coworking space.

Desktime will continue to provide the best space management tool out there and a massive, global directory of coworking spaces. We’ll continue to use this space to update you on new features and services available with Desktime.

And with Deskpass, we want to be the best resource for people looking for flexible ways to work. That means creating interesting, original content about the way more and more of us are working, today and tomorrow.

So mosey on over and check out the new blog!

Coworking Compendium, 8/8

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
This week we’re featuring Free Range Office, located in boomin’ Bucktown/Wicker Park in Chicago. With options ranging from day rates to 10-day visits to monthly plans it’s a friendly, fabulous place to work.

From Elsewhere
Is the backlash on open plan starting?
Luxury coworking in 9 cities (we see you Design Cloud!)
And, the cheapest coworking options.
Coworking, salon style.

New spaces or locations in Winnipeg, CA; Boulder, CO; Cedar Rapids, IA; Tucson, AZ.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 3/28

A weekly round up of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
At GCUC this year, Sam Rosen, co-founder of Desktime and The Coop (now NextSpace River North) will be hosting a workshop exploring tech needs in coworking spaces. In the lead up to GCUC, we’d love to hear from you.

Have stories to tell? Lessons you’ve learned? Questions you can’t wait to ask? Tweet them to @desktimeapp or email or reply here in the comments.

Do you know what co-opetition is?
Coworking for the common good in Chicago.
The appeal, and ease, of being a digital nomad.

New spaces in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Boston, MA; just outside DC; Sudbury, Canada; Astoria, Queens.

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking Compenium 2/7

Coworking Compendium 1/10

A weekly round up of coworking chatter.

photo copy 3

Now that the holidays and the deep freeze are over, we met at 1871 in balmy 11° degree weather.

How delightful is The Totally Unconventional Business Book Club at Convivium Coworking?

The Bostong Globe explores grit & glamor of Boston’s coworking & startup spaces.

The power of supporting your fellow coworkers, from New Work City‘s Tony Bacigalupo.

Indy Johar founder of HUB Westminster, talks about coworking with designboom.

New spaces in Midtown Detroit, Beijing, Chicago’s Wicker Park, Peoria, AZ, Winnipeg, Manitoba,

Happy Friday y’all.

Announcing the Desktime Support Site

Desktime is already the easiest and most enjoyable way to manage your space, but everybody needs a helping hand once in awhile. We’re proud to announce a new dedicated support site, packed with explanations, resources, and tips for getting the most out of Desktime.

Please dive in, and don’t hesitate to tell us what new topics you’d like to see discussed or how we can make the current content even better. And, as always, please reach out to our fantastic email support team if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

Visit Desktime Support

Zoning In On Coworking

Zoning In On Coworking

New in Desktime: Member Booking History

Not too long ago, we announced new Desktime features just for members, including profiles and payment history. We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a a full booking history to that list, including active & upcoming bookings and punch cards.

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Three Walls

Check out this absolutely beautiful documentary by Zaheed Mawani. It’s mesmerizing everyone at our office for how powerfully it captures the history and insanity of the cubicle while making a broader statement about the shifting nature of how we work.

Three Walls is streaming online for free certainly worth your thirty minutes.