Space License Agreement for Sharing Your Office

After we finish a demo on managing a space with Desktime, one of the most requested pieces of information is about the Space License Agreement we used when we owned and operated The Coop (now NextSpace River North).

We thought sharing our document in an annotated format would be an excellent resource for anyone considering sharing their office space with others. We originally built it for our coworking space but it would work equally well for folks offering some of their company’s office to individuals or teams.

So, with that, we’re launching Desktime Open Source and our Space License Agreement is the first document we’re sharing.
space license agreement One reason we opted for a Space License is that by signing a sublease you assign rights in the lease to your customers and entitle them to certain rights under the Illinois Forcible Detainer Act (or similar civil eviction statutes), which makes it considerably more difficult to terminate an agreement if necessary. This sort of legal agreement (a sublease) would be more suitable for shared offices in which freelancers or companies decide to rent an office space together, with both being entitled to the same rights and directly responsible to the landlord.

In addition to just providing physical space, most coworking spaces offer a plethora of additional services including Internet, food, drinks, networking, workshops, entertainment and should therefore be considered a service provider (not a landlord).

Space License agreements are similar to agreements used in hotels and gyms. By selling “memberships,” you are granting access and use of the space and the resources within it, but the members never hold the actual lease.

Ask your lawyer about the particulars of your locale and space and have them review any agreement you create. We are based in Illinois so the agreement was made for Illinois law.

Want to see more? It’s available for download and use here.

For all the reasons listed above, we found using a Space License agreement to be a smart option. We hope this is helpful and we’d love any additions, comments or feedback as we build Desktime Open Source.

If you’re ready to start sharing your space, consider adding your space to our directory and check out our space management software. Any questions? Give us a shout: We’re always happy to help.