GCUC Kansas City: Big Ideas We Brought Home

It’s no secret we had a blast at GCUC in Kansas City.

We wanted to share some of the exciting things we packed into our carry ons to bring home.

As always, our number one takeaway was: We’re all in this together. The coworking community is still so young and everyone is very eager to office advice, share successes and failures, and help each other continue to get the word out about what we’re all working to build. None of these spaces are competing directly with each other, they are all competing together for awareness. Classic rising tides, all boats kinda thing.

we’re all in this together

While it’s still young, coworking is growing fast. The very definition of coworking is expanding. We really dug Steve King’s (Emergent Research) talk on Coworking by the Numbers, which tracked the growth of coworking over the last decade.

One of the most interesting areas of growth he explored in this area was in non-traditional coworking environments, especially niches where the high cost of equipment made sharing the expense desirable. Shared kitchens, biolabs, photography and videography, along-side the more traditional “maker spaces” and workshops. It only makes sense that the same qualities that would attract people to shared office space would also apply to the sharing of non-office work environments, but it was interesting to see that played out in stats.

the very definition of coworking is expanding

Single person businesses have grown by 50% in the last ten years. The growth in business over the last ten years is really happening in that arena as well as in business over 10,000 (which showed 90% growth). The implications for our community with that first number are exciting. Now, who’s ready to build a coworking space that can hold 10,000 people?

And our last important takeaway: Kansas City is cool! Some seriously great architecture and design are happening and we had the chance to see and tour some really cool businesses. The GCUC wrap-up party was in a bank that is also an indie art gallery. Pretty neat.

We’re already stoked to see what’s up for next year. Congrats to everyone who organized, volunteered, and spoke.

Coworking Compendium, 5/2

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter. 10171243_825558174140522_6691612033273901764_n

From Desktime
We’re at GCUC this week in Kansas City. As you can see from the picture (see more great shots from our friends at Deskmag), we’re having a really good time. Tomorrow Sam is facilitating the Technology and Coworking workshop. You should go!

You can follow all the GCUC goodness on Twitter by searching #GCUC and #GCUCKC. And we’ll be offering a round up here next week.

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Avoiding the cons of coworking. Getting organized at your coworking space.
Firms of one are booming in Austin.

New spaces or locations in St. Louis, MO; Brooklyn, NY; Upper West Side & NOMAD, NY;

Happy Friday, y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 4/25

A weekly round up of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
We’ve joined the 2014 class of the National Association of Realtors® REach® accelerator program. Each year, NAR REach selects 6–10 “top companies with robust business solutions across multiple industries to help them execute those solutions within real estate.” We started this week and are excited to spend the next 9 months with top notch mentors and fellow businesses in the real estate sector.

We also spoke to six coworking spaces about wifi in the leadup to our workshop on technology & coworking at GCUC. You can get tickets to our workshop, and all the other great GCUC offerings, here.

One coworking spot, five Shark Tank contestants.
The Guardian tackles how to manage remote teams.
Start-ups think about space differently” from Commercial Observer.

New spaces or locations in Kailua, HI; Cranbury, NJ; Fairfax, VA; Philadelphia, PA; UWS/NoMad, NYC.

If you have a question, or a story to share, about the best tech setups for coworking spaces, get in touch! We’ll add ‘em to the mix for GCUC. Email sam@desktimeapp.com

See many of you in Kansas City next week!

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking’s Annual Awesome: 5 Reasons We’re Going to GCUC

The largest coworking conference on the globe (maybe in the universe) is just around the corner. GCUC (The Global Coworking Unconference Conference) will take place in Kansas City, Missouri from May 1-3.

Desktime is a proud sponsor of GCUC and we’re excited to be hosting a panel talk on Technology & Coworking.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons we think you should go to GCUC

  1. Get connected with the coworking community. Whether you are considering opening a new space, just starting out, or have been around for a while folks in our industry are very open and happy to share. Enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community.

    enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community

  2. GCUC is a great place to take a look at all the great vendors focused on coworking. Get a demo from your pals at Desktime, meet furniture manufacturers, IT folks, and other great products and services just focused on the needs (and wants) of coworking spaces and workers.

  3. See our friends at DeskMag and learn more results from the latest Global Coworking Survey.

  4. This year? It’s in a Airplane Hangar! With real life airplanes!

  5. Kansas City is the Paris of the Plains, home of its own magic blend of BBQ goodness, and regularly called the next great cocktail city. Here are even more reasons Kansas City makes GCUC sense.

Talking Tech at GCUC ’14

We originally shared this on GCUC’s blog

Coffee and Wifi. When people talk about what they need/want/expect from coworking the two things that come up first are coffee and Wifi. While both are awesome, one is more critical to the success of a space (no, we don’t mean coffee).

And we’re not just talking good internet. Coworking spaces need to offer seamless, easy, consistent technology for their members and managers. It’s about a technology infrastructure that is flexible, smart and sustainable. Easy, right?

Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology – John Tudor

Maximizing the positive impacts, and addressing potential hiccups, of technology are at the core of good business for coworking spaces.

Every member will have overlapping and unique needs, which can change by the hour, by the makeup of people working on a given day, to the types of projects they’re working on. And, with technology evolving fast, what spaces have today may not be the right setup in just a few years, so building an infrastructure that supports needs now and makes adaptation and change easier is critical. For a coworking space the sum of all those parts must equal, consistently, nothing but awesome.

At GCUC this year, Sam Rosen, co-founder of Desktime and The Coop (now NextSpace River North) will be exploring that tango between Technology + Coworking.

In this workshop, we’re inviting all interested attendees and especially welcome anyone interested in opening spaces….or those with battle scars and success stories to share.

A roundtable representing spaces with excellent, tested technology setups will talk tough decisions, growing pains, smart solutions, and hopefully some funny stories will give participants a better understanding of some of the best tech options for coworking.

We’ll walk through some successful equipment and setup recommendations for space’s internet connection, wireless network, security system, payment processing coworking management software and more.

Hear directly from other space owners who speak the truth. Plus, we’re inviting a collection of representatives from popular hardware and software companies ready to demo their equipment, answer questions.

Bring questions. We’ll have answers.

And in the lead up to GCUC, we’d love to hear from you. Have stories to tell? Lessons you’ve learned? Questions you can’t wait to ask? Tweet them to @desktimeapp or email sam@desktimeapp.com or reply here in the comments.