Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Effective as of July 6, we’ve made these updates to improve Desktime. You can find all the details at the above links, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight the major changes:

  • Our Terms of Service have been overhauled. We’ve tried to rewrite our terms in a more straightforward way, with less formal language.
  • We’ve rewritten and updated the format of our Privacy Policy to provide greater coverage and transparency.
  • In preparation for some exciting new features and products in the works for Desktime, we’ve added additional terms and support.

At Desktime, we’re committed to treating your information and data as if it were our own.

If you have any questions, email us at support@desktimeapp.com and we’d be happy to help.

New Features: Requesting Bookings & Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request

Rounding out this week’s new feature announcements, we’ve made it easier for potential members to request a booking through the Desktime Directory, and for space managers to turn booking requests into an invitation to join their space.

Requesting Bookings
Now, in addition to contacting a space, potential members can also request a booking, including specific dates, through the Desktime Directory.

Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request
Space managers who receive a booking request can easily turn it into an invitation to their space. The invitation automatically includes all details from the request, any of which can be modified before sending out the invitation. When the member accepts their invitation and pays for their booking, they’ll immediately become a member of the space.

Is your space connected to Stripe?
In order to create invitations for booking requests and accept payments, your Desktime space needs to be connected to Stripe. It’s easy to connect your space to Stripe. Just sign in to Desktime and click the Connect to Stripe button for your space.

New Features: Billing and Invitations

Today’s new feature blitz is here.

Duplicating an Invitation
You can quickly duplicate any invitation, including expired invitations. The new invitation will include all the same details, making it great for resending invitations that have expired, or sending nearly identical invitations to many new members without manually retyping the same details over and over.

Get an email when a member accepts an invitation
You can now receive an email when a member accepts an invitation to your space. This notification is automatically be enabled for all new Desktime spaces, and existing customers can opt in to this email notification in their Account Email Notification settings.

Next Billing Date
Now, when viewing a member of your space, all monthly bookings for a member will display their next recurring billing date. The member will also be able to see this date, so it will be clear to everyone when they can expect to be charged each month.

Improved Recurring Billing
We shared this in an email to existing customers last month, but just in case you missed it, we’ve made recurring billing more reliable and clearer. Each monthly booking will have its own recurring bill date, and the member will receive a separate email receipt for each. If a member’s booking started on the 1st, the member will be charged every month on the 1st. If a new booking is added starting on the 15th, the member will be charged on the 15th of each month for the new booking, but continue to be charged on the 1st for the original booking.

New features: Delete Resources and Edit Resources for any Booking Package or Punch Card

We’re starting this week’s new feature announcements with two features specific to Resources.

Resources can now be deleted
First, Resources can now be deleted from a space. If a Booking Package or Punch card is currently using that resource, it will automatically be removed from the package.


Resources can now be edited
And, now Resources for a Booking Package or Punch Card can be edited at any time. Add, remove, or create new Resources by clicking an existing Booking Package or Punch Card in Space Settings > Packages & Pricing.


Tomorrow we’ll be sharing four new Desktime features related to invitations and billing.

New Feature: Easy Signup with Desktime


It’s easier and faster than ever to start using Desktime to manage your shared space.

It takes just two simple steps to get started.

First, create a Desktime account and add your space. Then connect to Stripe.

Desktime signup is risk-free. As always, there’s no contract, commitment, or monthly fees, and you can stop anytime. You only pay when you accept payments through Desktime, and it doesn’t cost your members a thing.

If you’d like a 15-minute Demo to walk you through our features, we’re happy to do it. If you’re ready to roll, you can sign up anytime.

New Feature: Copying member email addresses to clipboard

You can now copy multiple member email addresses to your clipboard through Desktime. For example, email addresses for all active members email addresses can be copied from the Members page.


Or you can copy a group of email addresses from the daily schedule, such as all Monthly Members or anyone who uses a particular resource.


This is a great way to get all of your Desktime members into services like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Basecamp, any old spreadsheet, or a Google Group.

Copying email addresses from the daily schedule makes it easy to contact specific groups of current members. Let all monthly members know about events or information pertinent to them or reach out to daily members to alert them to an unexpected closing.

New Feature: Daily Schedule View by Pricing Option

You can now view your space’s daily schedule by Booking Packages and Punch Cards in addition to Resources. This update makes it easy for space managers to track how their pricing options are being used by current members.


New Feature: Members Notes

We’ve got four new features we’re excited to share with you this week. So, let’s get started.

First up, member notes.


Space managers can now easily add notes to any member’s profile. Add a note to share important information or jot down a request.

Any note added by a manager will be viewable to other managers of the space.

New Feature: Adding a Member Directly


Space managers can now add a member directly to their Desktime space. Less hassle for your new members. More immediate payment for your space.

We know that in many situations, invitations are a great way to add someone. Members can review the invite, securely provide their credit card info, and join in one step.

There are other times that it’s less ideal, such as drop-ins or when a member is physically present, credit card in hand. In those instances, space managers can now add a member directly and immediately, bypassing the invitation. Take a credit card, add the member, add any bookings or punchcards, and charge them through Desktime.

Once you add a member, we send them an email to let them know and explain how to create an account and manage their membership. This optional step can be completed at any time without delaying their payment to, or use of, your space.

No more worrying about whether a member has accepted an invitation AND no more worry about missing a payment because a member leaves without accepting the invitation.


New Feature: Email Notification Preferences

Desktime users can now choose which account-related emails they receive from Desktime.

Managers can use this feature in conjunction with Multiple Managers to ensure individuals responsible for the day-to-day operations of a space are in the loop, while those who are a little more hands-off can opt out.

Any information that would be conveyed in an email from Desktime will be always be available in the Desktime app, so you don’t need to worry about finding important information that you missed an email for.

Members, too, can determine which notifications are received via email, knowing their account information is available in Desktime anytime.