Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Effective as of July 6, we’ve made these updates to improve Desktime. You can find all the details at the above links, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight the major changes:

  • Our Terms of Service have been overhauled. We’ve tried to rewrite our terms in a more straightforward way, with less formal language.
  • We’ve rewritten and updated the format of our Privacy Policy to provide greater coverage and transparency.
  • In preparation for some exciting new features and products in the works for Desktime, we’ve added additional terms and support.

At Desktime, we’re committed to treating your information and data as if it were our own.

If you have any questions, email us at support@desktimeapp.com and we’d be happy to help.

Desktime now supports multiple currencies

Our space management software is now available in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

What does this mean for you and managing your space?
The same great software helping spaces across the US automate the routine tasks of renting a space from booking, scheduling and resource and member management and history to billing, payment tracking and processing now supports a host of international currencies.

What does it mean for finding suitable renters?
As always interested renters will also now be able to request a booking right through your Desktime Directory listing.

But now, when your space manager reviews the request they can either send the person an invitation and accept a credit card payment immediately from or respond to the request to find out more to make sure they’d be a good fit for your space, all without leaving the app.

Finding and managing your members is about more than bookings. Desktime works to better connect the community you’re building by facilitating easy communication with members and helping your members meet their fellow coworkers.

How much does it cost to use Desktime?
We only make money if you make money. You would only see fees from Desktime when you use the software to process payments. We work with Stripe, so you would pay Stripe’s processing fees and Desktime’s fee of 2.5%. It’s a super economical way to manage your space.

Ready to get started?
If you are already listed in Desktime’s Directory, just go to your Space Settings, select Payment Gateway from the menu on the right and click the Connect with Stripe button.

If you’re not yet listed, just add your space and make sure to connect to Stripe. Then email us at support@desktimeapp.com to schedule a demo so we can get you set up.

We’re looking for 3 great interns

Desktime’s Internship Program

We are excited to invite 3 motivated and creative individuals to our internship program. Currently, we are looking for people interested in real work experience in Marketing, Content Management, or Business Development in a startup environment.

Desktime interns will receive a Deskpass membership for the duration of their internship—a membership that provides the opportunity to work and network at the best workspaces—and work at Desktime HQ in Hubbard Street Lofts. Interns will also have the choice to receive academic credit or a stipend of $500.00 upon the completion of the internship.

For details on Desktime’s internship opportunities, click below:
Content Management
Business Development

We look forward to hearing from you!

Seven Years and Five Years and Counting

coop1 copy

Hey there friends.

That up there? It’s the lead-in to the first flyer we made advertising The Coop, Chicago’s first dedicated coworking space, which opened over seven years ago. It’s crazy to think that Desktime was born five years ago out of our work owning and operating The Coop.

So much has changed since we offered those eight desks in Fulton Market. The Coop is now NextSpace River North and continues to thrive. There are now thousands of coworking spaces all over the world, with new ones opening weekly. Companies large and small are finding smarter creative ways to use and share their office space. Individuals and teams are finding better ways to connect and work.

We’re thrilled Desktime remains one of the best tools out there for people to find an awesome shared place to work anywhere in the world and is also used by spaces all over the country to help manage the day to days of running a coworking space.

We’ve been at the forefront of shared workspaces since day one and, seven (or five) years in, we’re more excited than ever about where things are headed. We’ve got some exciting things to share with you in the coming months. For Desktime, seven years in is still only the beginning and we’re thrilled to share this adventure with you.

Best, Sam
Co-founder of Desktime coop2 copy

Coworking Compendium, 11/21

Intern with Desktime!

You know the way people work is changing. Where people work is changing, too. Be a part of that change.

Desktime is an online platform that allows coworking spaces and businesses with extra capacity to share space, manage availability and resources, process payments and communicate with users. The Desktime Directory, with listings around the world, connects independent and mobile workers with available and well-suited spaces to work, anywhere and anytime.

We’re looking for help ranging from marketing to support to sales.

You’ll work directly with the co-founder, Sam Rosen, who’s also behind The Coop (one of Chicago’s first dedicated coworking spaces) and One Design (a top notch digital studio). You’ll have an inside look at startup culture, a chance to learn from the best and hands-on experience with a software entrepreneurship.

We want someone with a wide range of skills sets but eager to learn. Confident, but not cocky. An organized, driven self-starter. If you’re good at communicating, a hard worker, not afraid to get your hands dirty (digitally, of course) and looking for a flexible internship 2-3 days a week, let’s talk.

We’d prefer someone in Chicago unless you are so incredible. Then we don’t care about location and the work can be done remotely.

Send us a cover letter that tells us why you are interested and passionate about coworking, software, sales or Sam.

This is an unpaid position (for now).

Interested? Write us at info@desktimeapp.com.

GCUC Kansas City: Big Ideas We Brought Home

It’s no secret we had a blast at GCUC in Kansas City.

We wanted to share some of the exciting things we packed into our carry ons to bring home.

As always, our number one takeaway was: We’re all in this together. The coworking community is still so young and everyone is very eager to office advice, share successes and failures, and help each other continue to get the word out about what we’re all working to build. None of these spaces are competing directly with each other, they are all competing together for awareness. Classic rising tides, all boats kinda thing.

we’re all in this together

While it’s still young, coworking is growing fast. The very definition of coworking is expanding. We really dug Steve King’s (Emergent Research) talk on Coworking by the Numbers, which tracked the growth of coworking over the last decade.

One of the most interesting areas of growth he explored in this area was in non-traditional coworking environments, especially niches where the high cost of equipment made sharing the expense desirable. Shared kitchens, biolabs, photography and videography, along-side the more traditional “maker spaces” and workshops. It only makes sense that the same qualities that would attract people to shared office space would also apply to the sharing of non-office work environments, but it was interesting to see that played out in stats.

the very definition of coworking is expanding

Single person businesses have grown by 50% in the last ten years. The growth in business over the last ten years is really happening in that arena as well as in business over 10,000 (which showed 90% growth). The implications for our community with that first number are exciting. Now, who’s ready to build a coworking space that can hold 10,000 people?

And our last important takeaway: Kansas City is cool! Some seriously great architecture and design are happening and we had the chance to see and tour some really cool businesses. The GCUC wrap-up party was in a bank that is also an indie art gallery. Pretty neat.

We’re already stoked to see what’s up for next year. Congrats to everyone who organized, volunteered, and spoke.

Coworking Compendium, 4/25

A weekly round up of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
We’ve joined the 2014 class of the National Association of Realtors® REach® accelerator program. Each year, NAR REach selects 6–10 “top companies with robust business solutions across multiple industries to help them execute those solutions within real estate.” We started this week and are excited to spend the next 9 months with top notch mentors and fellow businesses in the real estate sector.

We also spoke to six coworking spaces about wifi in the leadup to our workshop on technology & coworking at GCUC. You can get tickets to our workshop, and all the other great GCUC offerings, here.

One coworking spot, five Shark Tank contestants.
The Guardian tackles how to manage remote teams.
Start-ups think about space differently” from Commercial Observer.

New spaces or locations in Kailua, HI; Cranbury, NJ; Fairfax, VA; Philadelphia, PA; UWS/NoMad, NYC.

If you have a question, or a story to share, about the best tech setups for coworking spaces, get in touch! We’ll add ‘em to the mix for GCUC. Email sam@desktimeapp.com

See many of you in Kansas City next week!

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking’s Annual Awesome: 5 Reasons We’re Going to GCUC

The largest coworking conference on the globe (maybe in the universe) is just around the corner. GCUC (The Global Coworking Unconference Conference) will take place in Kansas City, Missouri from May 1-3.

Desktime is a proud sponsor of GCUC and we’re excited to be hosting a panel talk on Technology & Coworking.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons we think you should go to GCUC

  1. Get connected with the coworking community. Whether you are considering opening a new space, just starting out, or have been around for a while folks in our industry are very open and happy to share. Enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community.

    enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community

  2. GCUC is a great place to take a look at all the great vendors focused on coworking. Get a demo from your pals at Desktime, meet furniture manufacturers, IT folks, and other great products and services just focused on the needs (and wants) of coworking spaces and workers.

  3. See our friends at DeskMag and learn more results from the latest Global Coworking Survey.

  4. This year? It’s in a Airplane Hangar! With real life airplanes!

  5. Kansas City is the Paris of the Plains, home of its own magic blend of BBQ goodness, and regularly called the next great cocktail city. Here are even more reasons Kansas City makes GCUC sense.

New Features: Requesting Bookings & Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request

Rounding out this week’s new feature announcements, we’ve made it easier for potential members to request a booking through the Desktime Directory, and for space managers to turn booking requests into an invitation to join their space.

Requesting Bookings
Now, in addition to contacting a space, potential members can also request a booking, including specific dates, through the Desktime Directory.

Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request
Space managers who receive a booking request can easily turn it into an invitation to their space. The invitation automatically includes all details from the request, any of which can be modified before sending out the invitation. When the member accepts their invitation and pays for their booking, they’ll immediately become a member of the space.

Is your space connected to Stripe?
In order to create invitations for booking requests and accept payments, your Desktime space needs to be connected to Stripe. It’s easy to connect your space to Stripe. Just sign in to Desktime and click the Connect to Stripe button for your space.