New Features: Requesting Bookings & Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request

Rounding out this week’s new feature announcements, we’ve made it easier for potential members to request a booking through the Desktime Directory, and for space managers to turn booking requests into an invitation to join their space.

Requesting Bookings
Now, in addition to contacting a space, potential members can also request a booking, including specific dates, through the Desktime Directory.

Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request
Space managers who receive a booking request can easily turn it into an invitation to their space. The invitation automatically includes all details from the request, any of which can be modified before sending out the invitation. When the member accepts their invitation and pays for their booking, they’ll immediately become a member of the space.

Is your space connected to Stripe?
In order to create invitations for booking requests and accept payments, your Desktime space needs to be connected to Stripe. It’s easy to connect your space to Stripe. Just sign in to Desktime and click the Connect to Stripe button for your space.