Announcing Deskpass

The city is now your office.

We’re beyond excited to announce Deskpass, a brand new offering from your good ol’ friends at Desktime.

A flexible, city-wide coworking membership

Deskpass is a membership plan that offers as-needed access to a growing network of work spaces throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

You can work at any one space up to 5 times per month (Monday-Friday). Spend a week in four spots a month or switch it up everyday. Work spaces all over Chicagoland all for one affordable price: $199/month. A simple-to-use iOS app allows member to book a space and, upon arriving, check in and get to work.

Working at home is great, until it’s not

If you’re a freelancer, independent contractor or remote worker, you can pick the spot that’s right for the work you’re doing right now. One day you need a place that’s buzzing with activity to keep you energized, the next a quieter space so you can buckle down and get it done. Some days you want to work close to meetings or to your evening plans. If you’ve been hesitant to commit to one space or because of the cost, Deskpass is just the thing.

Support your (work from) home team

Teams and businesses can also purchase memberships for their team members and employees. Meet up to work together and be inspired all over the city or allow your people to work where it makes sense for them. Our first business customers are Leo Burnett and Basecamp. If this is something that your company might be interested please let us know!

Sounds neat. But what spaces are on Deskpass?

We’ve already lined up more than 25 spaces in greater Chicagoland to participate including coworking spaces like NextSpace River North, Level Office, SPACE, Enerspace, Workshop, The Study, Assemble, Simple.Honest.Work and many many more. Check out the full list.

Chicago’s great. But what about my city?

We’re launching in Chicago, our hometown and one of the best dang coworking cities in the world, with hopes to bring Deskpass to other cities soon. The more folks on our waitlist in a particular city, the faster we will get there.

Want to add your space to the network?

If you’re a dedicated coworking space or have an office with space to spare, you can get in on the fun too. Get more people in to see what you offer, experience your culture and meet the people who have memberships to your space.

We’ve been hard at work creating Deskpass since the beginning of this year. We’re convinced that it’s the very best way to work in Chicago. Our goal is simple: we want to bring coworking to as many people as possible.

Let’s get started.

Want to open your doors to cool people and teams? Interested spaces can contact us at

Want to get on the waitlist for when we open membership? Request an invite here.