Coworking Compendium, 7/18

Coworking Compendium 7/11

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter.
From Desktime
This week we’re sharing the coworking love with Space, a 10,000 sqft (and that again as a roofdeck) opening soon in glorious Chicago. Founder Phil Tadros says: “This is everything I want to do and have been a part of: real estate, architecture, design, construction, helping tons of small business, the community. It builds the community. It allows people to have a small space inside of a bigger space with a lot more amenities and connections with other people. It’s shared everything.” It’s going to be awesome.

From Elsewhere
Dedicated desks now available at Grind in Chicago.
To share or not to share.
A checklist for checking out startup spaces.
Why do some many Americans think coworking is prohibitively expensive?
Workspace design and creative productivity.

New spaces or locations in Paris, France; Detroit, MI; Nanaimo, BC.

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 6/27

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter. 130912_he_grind_0296_WIP

From Desktime
Grind Broadway is our featured space this week. Why? Because it’s not only a fantastic spot to work in Midtown Manhattan, but they are now offering second shift coworking for moonlighters.

Turning coworking spaces into coworking communities.
Crowdsourced coworking.
Would you support bitcoin at your coworking space?
Now THESE are cubicles.
How technology is changing the concept of ownership.

New spaces or locations in Melbourne, AU; South Yorkshire, England; Fargo, ND; Staten Island, NY.

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 6/20

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter. DSC_0120 From Desktime
Today we’re giving some love to Grind, a favorite Chicago coworking space and a self-described community of like-minded conquerors. Oodles of natural light, all-you-can-guzzle Intelligentsia, and friendly folks to boot.

From Elsewhere
An all-female coworking space in Singapore.
Chicago’s 1871 is expanding.
Is this Latin America’s Silicon Valley?
The startup costs of freelancing.
How institutional innovation hubs are learning from coworking spaces.

New spaces or locations in Brevard, NC; Crown Heights & Bushwick, NY, Singapore; Riga, Latvia.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 6/6

Coworking Compendium, 5/30

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter. Bo18zofCYAEJ3y_
From Desktime
Last night co-founder Sam Rosen (above) spoke at the launch event for Forum Coworking, a new executive coworking space in Chicago.
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Coworking for health in Kentucky.
Just who works at a coworking space?
7 powerful models for redefining the traditional organization.
Coworking as a real estate investment trend.
A coworking infographic on why we do it and why it works.
The coworking boom, not bubble.

New spaces or locations in Manchester, NH; Austin, TX; Dorchester, MA.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 5/23

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
Join us next Thursday 5/29 at the launch event for Forum Coworking, the West Loop’s new executive coworking space. You can RSVP for this free event here and be entered into a raffle.

Coworking, Law & Order style.
Entrepreneurship = love.
10 things to think about before joining a coworking space.
Coworking comes to the entrepreneurial community in Malaysia.
Good news if you’re a startup working out of a coworking space: Your business is four times more likely to survive.

New spaces or locations in Chicago, IL; Tauranga, NZ; Denver, CO; Tempe, AZ; Burlington, VT; Louisville, KY.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 5/16

GCUC Kansas City: Big Ideas We Brought Home

It’s no secret we had a blast at GCUC in Kansas City.

We wanted to share some of the exciting things we packed into our carry ons to bring home.

As always, our number one takeaway was: We’re all in this together. The coworking community is still so young and everyone is very eager to office advice, share successes and failures, and help each other continue to get the word out about what we’re all working to build. None of these spaces are competing directly with each other, they are all competing together for awareness. Classic rising tides, all boats kinda thing.

we’re all in this together

While it’s still young, coworking is growing fast. The very definition of coworking is expanding. We really dug Steve King’s (Emergent Research) talk on Coworking by the Numbers, which tracked the growth of coworking over the last decade.

One of the most interesting areas of growth he explored in this area was in non-traditional coworking environments, especially niches where the high cost of equipment made sharing the expense desirable. Shared kitchens, biolabs, photography and videography, along-side the more traditional “maker spaces” and workshops. It only makes sense that the same qualities that would attract people to shared office space would also apply to the sharing of non-office work environments, but it was interesting to see that played out in stats.

the very definition of coworking is expanding

Single person businesses have grown by 50% in the last ten years. The growth in business over the last ten years is really happening in that arena as well as in business over 10,000 (which showed 90% growth). The implications for our community with that first number are exciting. Now, who’s ready to build a coworking space that can hold 10,000 people?

And our last important takeaway: Kansas City is cool! Some seriously great architecture and design are happening and we had the chance to see and tour some really cool businesses. The GCUC wrap-up party was in a bank that is also an indie art gallery. Pretty neat.

We’re already stoked to see what’s up for next year. Congrats to everyone who organized, volunteered, and spoke.