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Coworking Compendium 4/18

Coworking’s Annual Awesome: 5 Reasons We’re Going to GCUC

The largest coworking conference on the globe (maybe in the universe) is just around the corner. GCUC (The Global Coworking Unconference Conference) will take place in Kansas City, Missouri from May 1-3.

Desktime is a proud sponsor of GCUC and we’re excited to be hosting a panel talk on Technology & Coworking.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons we think you should go to GCUC

  1. Get connected with the coworking community. Whether you are considering opening a new space, just starting out, or have been around for a while folks in our industry are very open and happy to share. Enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community.

    enjoy one of the best parts of coworking: the community

  2. GCUC is a great place to take a look at all the great vendors focused on coworking. Get a demo from your pals at Desktime, meet furniture manufacturers, IT folks, and other great products and services just focused on the needs (and wants) of coworking spaces and workers.

  3. See our friends at DeskMag and learn more results from the latest Global Coworking Survey.

  4. This year? It’s in a Airplane Hangar! With real life airplanes!

  5. Kansas City is the Paris of the Plains, home of its own magic blend of BBQ goodness, and regularly called the next great cocktail city. Here are even more reasons Kansas City makes GCUC sense.

Coworking Compendium 4/11

A weekly round up of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
New features galore this week from your friends at Desktime.
Delete Resources, edit Resources for any Booking Package or Punch Card
Improved Billings and Invitations
Requesting Bookings & Creating Invitations from Booking Requests

Our obsession with work/life balance doesn’t seem to be helping us achieve it.
And government helps and hurts entrepreneurs.
So, why aren’t we all moving to Bali?

New spaces or locations in Durham, NC; Colorado Springs, CO; Perth, Australia.

Happy Friday y’all.


New Features: Requesting Bookings & Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request

Rounding out this week’s new feature announcements, we’ve made it easier for potential members to request a booking through the Desktime Directory, and for space managers to turn booking requests into an invitation to join their space.

Requesting Bookings
Now, in addition to contacting a space, potential members can also request a booking, including specific dates, through the Desktime Directory.

Creating an Invitation from a Booking Request
Space managers who receive a booking request can easily turn it into an invitation to their space. The invitation automatically includes all details from the request, any of which can be modified before sending out the invitation. When the member accepts their invitation and pays for their booking, they’ll immediately become a member of the space.

Is your space connected to Stripe?
In order to create invitations for booking requests and accept payments, your Desktime space needs to be connected to Stripe. It’s easy to connect your space to Stripe. Just sign in to Desktime and click the Connect to Stripe button for your space.

New Features: Billing and Invitations

Today’s new feature blitz is here.

Duplicating an Invitation
You can quickly duplicate any invitation, including expired invitations. The new invitation will include all the same details, making it great for resending invitations that have expired, or sending nearly identical invitations to many new members without manually retyping the same details over and over.

Get an email when a member accepts an invitation
You can now receive an email when a member accepts an invitation to your space. This notification is automatically be enabled for all new Desktime spaces, and existing customers can opt in to this email notification in their Account Email Notification settings.

Next Billing Date
Now, when viewing a member of your space, all monthly bookings for a member will display their next recurring billing date. The member will also be able to see this date, so it will be clear to everyone when they can expect to be charged each month.

Improved Recurring Billing
We shared this in an email to existing customers last month, but just in case you missed it, we’ve made recurring billing more reliable and clearer. Each monthly booking will have its own recurring bill date, and the member will receive a separate email receipt for each. If a member’s booking started on the 1st, the member will be charged every month on the 1st. If a new booking is added starting on the 15th, the member will be charged on the 15th of each month for the new booking, but continue to be charged on the 1st for the original booking.

New features: Delete Resources and Edit Resources for any Booking Package or Punch Card

We’re starting this week’s new feature announcements with two features specific to Resources.

Resources can now be deleted
First, Resources can now be deleted from a space. If a Booking Package or Punch card is currently using that resource, it will automatically be removed from the package.


Resources can now be edited
And, now Resources for a Booking Package or Punch Card can be edited at any time. Add, remove, or create new Resources by clicking an existing Booking Package or Punch Card in Space Settings > Packages & Pricing.


Tomorrow we’ll be sharing four new Desktime features related to invitations and billing.

Coworking Compendium 4/4

A weekly round up of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
We looked at four spaces and how they got their names.

We’ll be sharing a host of new features next week. Check back here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to see what we’ve been working on.

HuffPo shares how coworking is one way to change the way we think about cities.
A writer shares why coworking works in the NYT.
Mychael of CoWork Jax shares 5 reasons coworking is cool.
Three tips to opening a coworking space in the Arab world.
A hip space for jetsetting nomads.
3 ways working from home is bad for you (or 3 reasons you should cowork!)
Coworking in the kitchen.

New spaces in Menorca, Spain; Toronto, CA; Warrenton, VA; Sioux City, IA; Perth, Australia.

Happy Friday y’all.

Making A Name In Coworking 3

Recently, I met a girl named Sunshine. She’s a real person, and that’s her real name—Sunshine. She and I work out of the same coworking space here in Chicago. When she gets off the elevator in the morning, I really get a kick out of saying, “Good morning, Sunshine!”

Her name works like magic, it piques everybody’s interest and is rather unforgettable. Saying it without a smile? Difficult.

And maybe those results are what you should aim for when naming your coworking space or business.

Below is our third batch of stories of good names in coworking and the thoughtful reason behind them. And while not a one is named Sunshine, they are all bright in their own rite.

Lubbock, TX, USA

“TumbleCo got its name for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, TumbleCo’s parent company is Tumbleweed Concepts. Another influence on the name would be the native tumbleweed, which is both comedic and iconic for locals because of our ever present West Texas winds. And Lubbock winds are to tumbleweeds as creative and productive energy is to our coworking community, when harnessed it can go far!

Lubbock winds are to tumbleweeds as creative and productive energy is to our coworking community, when harnessed it can go far!

TumbleCo is Lubbock’s first coworking space and is doing well, we already have dreams of a second location to provide even more convenience, services, and impact for both our members and community.”- Taylor McAlpine, Justin Barnard & Brian Maines

Seed Coworking
Toledo, Ohio, USA

“To us, “Seed” represents growth and the idea that small ideas give birth to bigger things. We’re proponents of startups and entrepreneurialism, and a few businesses have actually gotten their start at Seed. We offer a culture where people can collaborate, form a business/app/project, cultivate it and grow it into something extraordinary. That doesn’t mean we’re an incubator, but we do possess some of those attributes. The name also pays homage to our agrarian roots in Northwest Ohio, but that’s a secondary meaning.

Naming it was a collective effort among the three partners. We wanted something short, fun and memorable. As a designer, I often make up logos or branding projects for which there’s no client. It just so happened that I’d created a prototype of what would become the Seed logo and shared it with Jamie and Don while brainstorming. They backfilled the broader meaning into it, and suggested “A cowork community” as the tagline. The rest is history, as they say.

The name really resonates with people and helps them “get” what we’re about almost instantly.

The name really resonates with people and helps them “get” what we’re about almost instantly. It’s also provided us with a lot of creative opportunities to capitalize on. So, for example, some of our walls are covered in metal barn siding, and a portion of our floor is carpeted to look like tilled soil. We asked one of our members to design a subterranean scene with little, nerdy potato bugs and worm tunnels — it appears as a mural in the windows that run the entire width of our building. People stop, stare and smile at it as they pass by.” -Gene Powell

The Nest
Peoria, IL, USA

“First, you must know about Startup Peoria. Startup Peoria began as a regional nonprofit offshoot of the Startup America movement. We exist to promote, encourage and develop the tech startup scene in Peoria.

The next step toward fulfilling our mission–to enable tech entrepreneurship in our city–is to open a coworking space, which we’ve named The Nest. Before we arrived at that name, the project had gone by many names. The working title was “Co|Lab” as a generic reference to the many similarly named coworking spaces across the country and globe. While Co|Lab was a good name, we didn’t want to be another one.

Our goal for members: Leave The Nest

Reasons we liked “The Nest”: It’s a startup/incubator pun (like, “hatch your idea here,” etc.) In Peoria we have a small business incubator associated with Bradley University called Peoria Next Innovation Center, which we refer to as Peoria Next. Our goal for members is to “leave The Nest” when they grow into a company and move into Peoria Next.” -Randon Gettys

New Coast
Chicago, IL, USA

“We wanted a name that paid homage to Chicago but in a fun, creative way. When people think of tech innovation they typically think of the West coast or the East coast. We want people to start paying attention to the other coast, the “New Coast” and we want to help bring Chicago to the forefront of the tech/startup scene.”

We want people to start paying attention to the other coast, the “New Coast”

Almost Named It: “CoWo, Redline, ChiCo – we ended up liking New Coast the best.” – Scott Kacyn, Nick Cromydas & Steve Corby.

If you’d like to share the story of your coworking space’s name, get in touch with

Coworking Compendium, 3/28

A weekly round up of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
At GCUC this year, Sam Rosen, co-founder of Desktime and The Coop (now NextSpace River North) will be hosting a workshop exploring tech needs in coworking spaces. In the lead up to GCUC, we’d love to hear from you.

Have stories to tell? Lessons you’ve learned? Questions you can’t wait to ask? Tweet them to @desktimeapp or email or reply here in the comments.

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Coworking for the common good in Chicago.
The appeal, and ease, of being a digital nomad.

New spaces in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Boston, MA; just outside DC; Sudbury, Canada; Astoria, Queens.

Happy Friday y’all.