Coworking Compendium, 8/22

Coworking Compendium, 8/8

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter.

From Desktime
This week we’re featuring Free Range Office, located in boomin’ Bucktown/Wicker Park in Chicago. With options ranging from day rates to 10-day visits to monthly plans it’s a friendly, fabulous place to work.

From Elsewhere
Is the backlash on open plan starting?
Luxury coworking in 9 cities (we see you Design Cloud!)
And, the cheapest coworking options.
Coworking, salon style.

New spaces or locations in Winnipeg, CA; Boulder, CO; Cedar Rapids, IA; Tucson, AZ.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 8/1

Coworking Compendium, 7/25

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter. Assemble Coworking
From Desktime:
Assemble is opening here in Chicago in August and will bring the first shared office spaces to where the Gold Coast and Old Town meet. Need to be inspired? Try 13,000 sq feet of beautifully designed space. Private glass-enclosed offices. 14 foot ceilings.

From Elsewhere:
Can museums foster coworking?
Hospital-based coworking in New York.
Indiana pilots a coworking passport.
10 Ways to make coworking work.

New spaces or locations in Menlo Park, CA; Brooklyn, NY; Jackson, TN; West Steamboat Springs, CO; Walla Walla, WA.

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 7/18

Coworking Compendium 7/11

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter.
From Desktime
This week we’re sharing the coworking love with Space, a 10,000 sqft (and that again as a roofdeck) opening soon in glorious Chicago. Founder Phil Tadros says: “This is everything I want to do and have been a part of: real estate, architecture, design, construction, helping tons of small business, the community. It builds the community. It allows people to have a small space inside of a bigger space with a lot more amenities and connections with other people. It’s shared everything.” It’s going to be awesome.

From Elsewhere
Dedicated desks now available at Grind in Chicago.
To share or not to share.
A checklist for checking out startup spaces.
Why do some many Americans think coworking is prohibitively expensive?
Workspace design and creative productivity.

New spaces or locations in Paris, France; Detroit, MI; Nanaimo, BC.

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 6/27

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter. 130912_he_grind_0296_WIP

From Desktime
Grind Broadway is our featured space this week. Why? Because it’s not only a fantastic spot to work in Midtown Manhattan, but they are now offering second shift coworking for moonlighters.

Turning coworking spaces into coworking communities.
Crowdsourced coworking.
Would you support bitcoin at your coworking space?
Now THESE are cubicles.
How technology is changing the concept of ownership.

New spaces or locations in Melbourne, AU; South Yorkshire, England; Fargo, ND; Staten Island, NY.

Happy Friday y’all.

Coworking Compendium, 6/20

A weekly roundup of coworking chatter. DSC_0120 From Desktime
Today we’re giving some love to Grind, a favorite Chicago coworking space and a self-described community of like-minded conquerors. Oodles of natural light, all-you-can-guzzle Intelligentsia, and friendly folks to boot.

From Elsewhere
An all-female coworking space in Singapore.
Chicago’s 1871 is expanding.
Is this Latin America’s Silicon Valley?
The startup costs of freelancing.
How institutional innovation hubs are learning from coworking spaces.

New spaces or locations in Brevard, NC; Crown Heights & Bushwick, NY, Singapore; Riga, Latvia.

Happy Friday, y’all.